NTM Monday: Never Too Many…Retro Heart-Themed Paper Plates, Cards and Napkins!

  Collector extraordinaire Laurie Romanaggi, who shares her fun retro obsessions on Instagram as @magpieethel, was good enough to share some of her “heart” love with us for Valentine’s Day! Laurie/Magpie Ethel is a vendor at Junk Bonanza’s Portland, OR, vintage show. Her collections are full of whimsy and color, including the paper plates. “I collect vintage paper plates for […]

NTM Monday: Never Too Many…Vintage Rosaries!

  It’s #NTM Monday! Never Too Many…vintage rosaries! Thanks to vintatge dealer Lori Chandler of Vignettes in Ocean Beach, CA, for sharing her collection with us! “I have hundreds,” Lori said. “Probably about 225 collected from France, Italy, Germany and Belgium. All of them are 1940s and older. Nothing newer.” In addition to age, Lori looks rosaries […]

NTM Monday: Never Too Many Blow-Mold Decorations!

  It’s #NTM Monday and Happy Halloween! NTM for Never Too Many…blow mold decorations! Welcome to the collection of Jeannie Glenn of Seattle, one of our fabulous @junkbonanza #portland vendors! Jeannie has been collecting these for about 21 years and says she has  items for every season! ” I started collecting the Christmas blow molds,” she […]

NTM Monday: Never Too Many…Souvenir Canoes!

It’s #NTM Monday! Never Too Many…milk glass canoes! Lynne Galesloot of  Vancouver Island in Port Alberni, British Columbia, has collected 54 canoes over the last 25 years. “It is a bit hard to find them,” she says. ” I have been told they were souvenir candy dishes given out at fairs. Not sure about that as info is hard to […]

NTM Monday: Never Too Many…Vintage Plaid Blankets!

It’s #NTM Monday! Never Too Many…vintage plaid blankets! A tip of the seamstress hat to Junk Bonanza vendor Nancy Miller of @thriftysewing, who shared her collection of mostly Faribo blankets! Miller, of Prior Lake, MN, has about 20 of these blankets on hand at any time — she hunts them out at thrift stores and […]

NTM Monday: Never Too Many…Vintage Airline Bags!

It’s NTM Monday! Never Too Many…vintage airline bags! Portland Junk Bonanza vendors John and Bob of JOHNBobCoolJunk both work for Alaska Airlines. John has 16 vintage travel bags collected over many years. “He doesn’t shop eBay or other sites looking specifically for them,” Bob said. “They just appear ” from flea markets and thrift stores. “I helped him display […]

NTM Monday: Never Too Much…Hammered Aluminum!

It’s NTM Monday! Never Too Much…hammered aluminum! Reader Milena Buck of Woodstock, IL, shared this slice of her collection! “I have always loved hammered aluminum pieces and at one time I had over 300 pieces,” she said. “I have scaled back to about 150.” Among her favorites are those pictured, including a table by Wendell […]

NTM Monday: Never Too Many…Watermelon Potholders!

   It’s NTM Monday! Never Too Many…watermelon potholders! Our thanks to Shara Stacks of Farmington, AR, for sharing her accidental collection! “I do not actively seek out these watermelon potholders, but if I see one when I am out junking and the price is right (usually 50¢ or less), then it comes home with me to […]

NTM Monday: Never Too Many…Industrial Stools!

It’s NTM Monday! Never Too Many…industrial stools! Today’s collection is courtesy of Karen Joyce, the awesome Junk Bonanza San Diego vendor behind Last Vestige Found! “It’s a rotating collection!,” Karen says. ” I currently have about eight!” What attracts her to them? “The utility and patina these pieces have. …They make me ponder the craftsman who used them.” […]

NTM Monday: Never Too Many…Vintage Tablecloths!

It’s NTM Monday! Never Too Many…vintage tablecloths! Our thanks to Junk Bonanza vendor Nancy Miller for sharing her collection with us! “I have been collecting tablecloths for about 15 years, I guess,” Nancy said. “I love the weight of them and the colors and patterns.” While there are about 25 in her collection, Nancy said […]