It’s #NTM Monday! Never Too Many…milk glass canoes!

Lynne Galesloot of  Vancouver Island in Port Alberni, British Columbia, has collected 54 canoes over the last 25 years.

“It is a bit hard to find them,” she says. ” I have been told they were souvenir candy dishes given out at fairs. Not sure about that as info is hard to come by -Listings on EBay call them candy dishes.”


Lynne says there are three kinds and that the plain- or milk glass versions are printed as “souvenir of…”


” I also have pressed glass canoes with buttons and bows pattern apparently made by Fenton,” Lynne says, noting they are without writing.


The third type is pottery. ”  My most interesting one is pottery with a Masonic emblem and ‘Ladies night 1958’ painted on the side,” she said. “My oldest says ‘Souvenir of York Fair 1925’ and  I believe that one is from Toronto. Two are from the States and all the rest with names are from Canada.”


Lynne’s collection started with one at an antiques store. She displays them on a shelf in her bathroom!


What do YOU collect? Ki would love to share your collection with the readers of Ki Nassauer Style! Send your photos and story to!

Happy collecting!


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