Are you interested in becoming a Junk Bonanza vendor?

Junk Bonanza is a fun and fabulous event, and we are looking for vendors who take pride in being associated with one! Founded in 2006, our hallmark is a well-balanced mix of high-quality vintage goods, sold by friendly and knowledgeable vendors! Does your business fit our criteria and guidelines? We hope so!

To Be Considered:

  • Vintage merchandise must be 40 years or older, or be upcycled, reconstructed or significantly altered items made from components predominantly 40 years old or older.
  • Artisanal items must be well-made by the vendor, using quality ingredients or materials.
  • Vendors must pay close attention to display and organization, be friendly, promote good customer service and keep booth or table stocked throughout the event.
  • No new-market merchandise or reproductions are allowed.


FALL SHOW, October 3-5, 2024
3-Day Indoor Booth Space $415
3-Day Indoor Table space $320
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Booth & Table Information:


  • Booths are approximately 120 sq. feet – shapes vary
  • You may purchase more than one booth
  • Payments are nonrefundable for any reason
  • Table rental is available for an additional fee
  • Only one vendor per booth is allowed
  • Junk Bonanza is unable to fill requests for placement in specific areas


  • Table spaces are 30 inches by 8 feet
  • Payments are nonrefundable for any reason
  • Only one vendor per table space is allowed
  • All product must be displayed on top of the provided table
  • Junk Bonanza is unable to fill requests for placement in specific areas

Additional Information:

  •  Booth and tables spaces include liability insurance, parking, a website listing, postcards, and updates.
  • Junk Bonanza draws on a deep network of television, radio, print and social media to spread the word!
  • Setup is the day before the event. Early setup is available for an additional fee.
  • Vehicle/trailer overnight parking is available for free. It’s an unsecured lot.
  • Categories fill up! To maintain a balanced event, we limit the number of vendors in specific looks and product categories.
  • We have a limited number of spaces for pre-packaged artisanal items, such as jams and candy, which must be homemade by the vendor and have the appropriate health permits and insurance. The Bonanza does not handle the general food concessions, which are the purview of the event space.
  • All Junk Bonanza events are indoors.

Application Information:

Junk Bonanza is a juried event, part of our effort to continue its reputation as The Nation’s Best Round-up of vintage finds, antiques, salvage, artisan-repurposed pieces, prepackaged artisanal foods and handmade goods! Each event is separate and requires a separate contract, so be sure to note in your online application which event(s) you are interested in. If your online application is accepted, you will receive an invitation to the registration site(s) where you will find contracts, rules and regulations and all the details you need to know. Events fill up quickly, and securing a space for one does not guarantee a space for the event that follows.
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John Whaley at or through our contact form.

IF YOU YOU ARE PRE-APPROVED OR A CURRENT JUNK BONANZA VENDOR you need not re-apply unless your product and categories have changed. Simply email John to receive your registration invite.