Junk Bonanza Fall Show 2022 Activities: 

Makers @ Junk Bonanza! 

WHAT: Shop some of the community’s best small batch makers & artisans. Categories include artisanal salts, honeys, oils, jams, sauces, bitters, sweets, soaps, lotions, candies, plants, handmade accessories and more!

Turn your unwanted gold and silver jewelry, coins, and watches into CASH right at the Junk Bonanza!


Prairie Gold, LLC will be on site to buy your unwanted items.  Brian and Cindy each have over 30 years of experience in this field and are trusted by the finest Twin Cities’ jewelers to run their buying events.
Locally owned and operated, Prairie Gold also sells vintage coins and jewelry at the Junk Bonanza and have been with us for 10 years.
A private room will be available for inspecting larger or extremely valuable collections.

LEARN MORE: Contact Brian at Prairie Gold LLC – 612-867-6682


Don Short returns to Junk Bonanza and cable television!

Don Short, owner of West End Salvage (Des Moines, Iowa), a long time favorite of ours and a continual source of entertainment, will again be setting up shop at this fall’s Junk Bonanza.
Don is not only entertaining in his booth, he is also entertaining on tv.  His series, “West End Salvage” will again be aired on (station, dates and other information).  People all over the country once more be able to share in his vintage-based remodeling projects/adventures.
Don is well-known for his great eye and unbelievable knack for finding remarkable and unusual pieces of history.
Even though he can’t bring his four-story building full of treasures to Junk Bonanza, he will be bringing some of his more manageable pieces, his sense of humor, and a plethora of expert advice.
If you’re considering a remodeling project, looking for a large, unusual vintage piece, or need something custom crafted out of vintage materials, Don will be there to talk to you about it.
Welcome back to our great friend, Don!

Laundry Camp!

WHAT: Find out what the Wall Street Journal, NBC Nightly News and Star Tribune have been talking about! Meet The Laundry Evangelist, Patric Richardson, and learn new tricks for the laundry room! Patric will demonstrate how to wash the un-washable and take care of your clothes and textiles at home! You can also purchase some of his favorite laundry products! 

Enter to Win!

WHAT: Enter drawings to win a Yeti travel cooler, several gift packs of Howard cleaning products and gift bags filled with Junk Bonanza items and magazines!


Get Lucky on Lucky Friday!

WHAT: Get lucky on Lucky Friday! Register to win giveaways including one of many $25 tokens to redeem for merchandise during the Bonanza in the booth of your choosing!