It’s #NTM Monday! Never Too Many…vintage rosaries!

Thanks to vintatge dealer Lori Chandler of Vignettes in Ocean Beach, CA, for sharing her collection with us!

“I have hundreds,” Lori said. “Probably about 225 collected from France, Italy, Germany and Belgium. All of them are 1940s and older. Nothing newer.”


In addition to age, Lori looks rosaries made from wood, resin or mother of pearl, her favorite. She noted that the “best, most exquisite” are made in  France and Belgium.

“I love the sentimental and spiritual meaning connected to each and every one of these,” Lori said. “They have meant something to someone and you can almost feel the connection. They symbolize some kind of loving memory. I used to collect wedding cake toppers for almost all of these same reasons — and I had 500 of those!”


Lori displays her rosaries on chandeliers and in bowls mounded with shells and oddities. “They speak to me in ways that is hard to describe because I’m not Catholic,” Lori said, “and was not raised with these in my childhood home .”


She displays them in her store’s Christmas decor as well — “Our theme this year is ‘Peace on Earth’,” she said.


What do YOU collect? Email us with your story and photos! We’d love to share!


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