It’s NTM Monday! Never Too Many…vintage tablecloths!

Our thanks to Junk Bonanza vendor Nancy Miller for sharing her collection with us!

“I have been collecting tablecloths for about 15 years, I guess,” Nancy said. “I love the weight of them and the colors and patterns.”

While there are about 25 in her collection, Nancy said she doesn’t keep everyone she buys. “My sister  Patty likes them as well, so some do go to her.” Nancy’s favorite use for tablecloths? “Use them! I come from a huge Minnesota family and we always have showers, receptions etc. that require cuteness. I have loaned them out to the special-est people only (Shawn Gibbons) for their grad parties and events.”

Nancy advises that estate sales are still the best place to score these tablecloths. “They’ve kind of fallen out of favor with collectors so they can be bought for a few bucks again,
she said!

See more of Nancy’s retro sensibilities — and her prowess as a seamstress! — @thrifty_sewing on Instagram and on Facebook at Nancy Thrifty Sewing Miller!

What do YOU collect? Drop us a photo at kim@kinassauer.com so we can share your passion!


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