Collector extraordinaire Laurie Romanaggi, who shares her fun retro obsessions on Instagram as @magpieethel, was good enough to share some of her “heart” love with us for Valentine’s Day!

Laurie/Magpie Ethel is a vendor at Junk Bonanza’s Portland, OR, vintage show. Her collections are full of whimsy and color, including the paper plates. “I collect vintage paper plates for holidays,” she said. “I find a few each year at estate sales.”


Laurie also trains her sights on Dennison valentine hearts. “I really love the cellophane bags they came in and the variety of heart sizes out there,” she said. “I like them in their little packages and marvel that they weren’t used.  I do use them (sparingly) in some of my holiday crafting.  The little tiny boxes are my favorite and probably some of the oldest.”


In addition to these, Laurie has collected heart-printed paper napkins in the past five to eight years. “The napkins are a funny collection.  People often saved them after a party as a souvenir,” she said. “I  have them for lots of holidays and my favorite are those for birthdays. Again, I marvel at all the designs. Occasionally I find an unopened pack!”

Thanks to Laurie for sharing her sweet hearts with us! Ki would love to know what collection makes YOUR heart beat a little faster! Drop a line and some photos here for a future Never Too Many Monday feature!

Happy collecting!


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