It’s NTM Monday! Never Too Much…hammered aluminum!

Reader Milena Buck of Woodstock, IL, shared this slice of her collection!

“I have always loved hammered aluminum pieces and at one time I had over 300 pieces,” she said. “I have scaled back to about 150.” Among her favorites are those pictured, including a table by Wendell August Forge and a waste basket from Arthur Armour.

Milena said she caught the collecting bug from her mother and maternal grandfather. “We always scoured the area when it was throw-out days in town with my Mom,” she said. “My maternal grandfather had a shed full of treasures that he found from ‘shopping’ at the city dump.  My love for hammered aluminum began about 30 years ago when my mom gave me a piece that her father gave her.”

Milena, who blogs at pathtojunkentreasure.blogspot.com, said hammered aluminum has become easier to find and more reasonably priced than when  she first started. “I have tailored my collection and now look for more unique pieces,” she said. “Those are still hard to come by. I always have my eyes open for it.  I find it at garage sales and thrift stores and always at flea markets.  A piece can usually be found at just about every sale I go to.”

Thanks, Milena, for sharing! What do YOU collect? Send your photos and stories to kim@kinassauer.com!


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