Faces of the Bonanza!

We’re hard at work on the Fall 2013 Junk Bonanza, and will be issuing some updates about what we’ve got planned for the show next week! Meanwhile, check out some of the snapshots languishing on my camera from the Spring show! (Don’t you love Nikolina, of Andrea’s Vintage Bridal, and her cool vintage threads?!! Smiles […]

Bonanza Wrap meeting!

Yes, it’s true, your Junk Bonanza team works tirelessly to ensure we are constantly polishing and honing, improving and updating our procedures in order to make the event run smoothly for vendors and for customers! We held our final Spring showwrap-up Friday at the Smith Douglas More House in Eden Prairie, a meeting point for […]

Goodwill Abounds at the Junk Bonanza!

We have lots of warm and fuzzy feelings left over from the goodness that was the Spring Junk Bonanza! We loved the junk, we loved the vibe, but most of all, we loved the people who attended and shopped and shared, and the folks who shared their humanity in gestures, large and small. Here are some […]

Road Trip: Elizabeth’s Trip to the Junk Bonanza!

Elizabeth Demos, author of “Vintage Wedding Style” and our special guest at the Junk Bonanza’s Weddings Lab, is on the road! She has set out from her home in Savannah, Ga., and is road-tripping with pal Jade McCully of Jade + Matthew Take Pictures! Jade and her mister photographed four weddings in Liz’s book, including […]

There’s a Pool Table in My Booth!

Your intrepid Bonanza team was on site at Canterbury Park on Friday, walking off some spaces and visualizing setup. That’s Exhibitor Manager Jane Hall and Director of Operations Emily Nordstrom, meeting with Canterbury Park Special Events Manager Mary Pat Monson! This was a bit more difficult than it might seem…because there are several other occupants in […]

Ki Packs Light!

Ki is home from the Bonanza, and on the road again; today starts five days of shooting for the Spring/Summer edition of Flea Market Style magazine! She’s a pro packer! Thought you’d like to know how she packed for 10 days in Minnesota for the Junk Bonanza with a few extra days on either end […]

Twas the Night Before Bonanza…

Twas the night before Bonanza;/ Throughout Canterbury Park,/ Hustle and bustle continued/ Well into the dark!/ When finally, Junk Rev Store was totally stuffed/ The masking-taped floors were polished and buffed/ Vendors were finished with gilding their spots/ The building stood silent, awaiting the lots/ Of Early Bird shoppers, and then all the masses/ Of […]

Junk Bonanza, Here We Come!

Are your bags packed yet for the Junk Bonanza? (Don’t forget to bring a spare for all of that fabulous junk!) We can’t wait to see you Thursday morning! (It’s still not too late to get your Early Bird ticket at the door!) T-minus 1 day and counting! Kim

Tim Luke Has Arrived!

The wildly popular Tim Luke is in town! In town, and almost “in the house,” a.k.a. Junk Bonanza at Canterbury Park! Tim, co-founder of TreasureQuest Appraisal Group, and star of HGTV’s “Cash in the Attic,”is appearing at the Bonanza on Thursday! Tim also writes for Flea Market Style magazine; he’ll be signing copies of the […]

Junk Bonanza Team Dinner!

Considering the incredible event that is Junk Bonanza, and the Herculean amounts of time and energy it takes to produce, this calm tableau is fairly amazing! Yes, a day before Bonanza week starts, the JB team enjoyed a calm and relaxing respite before the storm! We gathered Sunday in the yard on a picture-perfect Southwest […]