Ki is home from the Bonanza, and on the road again; today starts five days of shooting for the Spring/Summer edition of Flea Market Style magazine!
She’s a pro packer! Thought you’d like to know how she packed for 10 days in Minnesota for the Junk Bonanza with a few extra days on either end of the trip!
Ki’s carry-on luggage contained her:
* Computer
* Files
* 6 Bonanza teal-colored T-shirts
* 3 pairs of jeans
* 1 pair of sneakers
* 3 Bonanza sweatshirts
* 2 flannel shirts
* and various assorted sundries!

She also notes that while she brings three pairs of jeans, she usually wears her pair of “good luck” jeans the entire time!
Ki’s charms and talents are seemingly endless, and now we are adding expert packer to the list!


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  1. I usually pack my things in a cute vintage bag… I remember last year was so cold for the junk bonanza… too many sweaters. At the last minute… i grabbed a laundry basket…much less organized, and tossed it all in!.

    to pack all of that… in that little suit case… the woman is a genius!

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