Bonanza Planning on Labor Day!

Yes, there is part of your intrepid Junk Bonanza crew earlier today, laboring on Labor Day, to make sure everything is ready for your arrival at Canterbury Park! Operations Manager Irene Standa, Vendor Wrangler Jane Hall and Event Manager Emily Nordstrom set up command central Monday at Irene’s dining room table, while the breezes off […]

Paso Robles Trip, Part 2

The Junk Bonanza team road trip to the Three Speckled Hens flea market in Paso Robles, Calif., was a serendipitous event. Junker Pam Curry, right, a flight attendant, grabbed a standby flight and joined the fun. (Vendor wranger Jane was still inside, networking, and missed her photo op!) Pam took the second leg of the […]

JB at the Three Speckled Hens Flea!

The day dawned bright, early and chilly at the Three Speckled Hens flea market event Saturday! The JB team was already fortified with rhubarb scones, Polish yam bread and fresh oranges foraged from the farmers market across the street from the Paso Robles Inn. And we were rarin’ to check out the 89 vendors in […]

Bonanza Planning: Paperwork and Pizza

Planning started bright and early Thursday at Ki’s kitchen table with Emily’s printed agenda leading the way! Some people were not yet out of their pajamas, but their brains were already firing, after copious amounts of coffee. We pretty much worked all day. At the counter… …at the Larchmont Larder… (where they had some rockin’ […]

Junk Bonanza Team’s First Night in LA !

We left Minneapolis on Wednesday for the Junk Bonanza planning meeting in Los Angeles. Vice President Biden was in town, his security logistics slightly delaying our flight. Jane made herself comfortable at MSP International in the Lindbergh Terminal… … and we were lucky to have a great seatmate for the flight out. We met Pam […]

Bonanza Team L.A./Paso Robles-Bound!

Ki with Kathy, Susi and Carrie, the Three Speckled Hens, on an earlier visit to Paso Robles! It’s that time of year again. While this year’s Junk Bonanza plans have been cooking as soon as last year’s event wrapped, it’s time for the official team planning meeting at Ki’s digs in Los Angeles! What’s different […]