Your intrepid Bonanza team was on site at Canterbury Park on Friday, walking off some spaces and visualizing setup. That’s Exhibitor Manager Jane Hall and Director of Operations Emily Nordstrom, meeting with Canterbury Park Special Events Manager Mary Pat Monson!
This was a bit more difficult than it might seem…because there are several other occupants in “our” building right now!
The main building has a pool tournament going on! Look closely and you can see the back doors of the main building, blacked out for  optimum pool-playing lighting!
A very big pool tournament!

The gift shop has some mood lighting, too!
The front tent is full of hot tubs (one was filled and bubbling!)…

 … and patio tables, all ready for the Spa Show this weekend! Next up: a gigantic craft show. And then…The Bonanza is ready to rock the Casbah!
Can’t wait to see you there!

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  1. That’s so cool! This post has two of my favorite things in this world: pool and hot tubs. The sight of those hot tubs left me wanting soak on one right now. And I want a pool table like that! I’m sure wouldn’t mind having that near my booth if ever our building decided to have a pool tournament.

    Retha Ison

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