We have lots of warm and fuzzy feelings left over from the goodness that was the Spring Junk Bonanza!
We loved the junk, we loved the vibe, but most of all, we loved the people who attended and shopped and shared, and the folks who shared their humanity in gestures, large and small.
Here are some of the swell moments we witnessed:
* The vendor at the mini-doughnut booth who didn’t have water to sell, but pulled out an extra bottle of her own and passed it on to a thirsty patron.
* Canterbury’s snow plow driver who plowed out a vendor’s trailer Friday morning so she could get back in to restock her booth.
* Bonanza assistant Carly Hanus, who helped facilitate a car jumping for a patron whose car was dead and needed help during the sleet and snowstorm on Thursday.
* The ever-generous and thoughtful Uber Chic Home boys, Dustin and Chris, who said thanks to Bonanza staffers for their hard work with warm words and the gifts of grain sack shoulder bags.
We are humbled and thankful for the kindnesses we saw and received.
Thoughtfulness abounded at the Bonanza!
We’d love to hear your stories!

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  1. JUNK BONANZA is the most positive, energetic venue – whether a vendor, or attending! That shouldn’t be a surprise when you see today’s BONANZA post – all those good vibes are intentional, starting with the JUNK BONANZA staff! OK – so here is just one of my compliments: Canterbury Park staff members are awesome! From their smiles to their willingness to help or answer questions – impressive.

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