Scenes From the Bonanza, Part 1!

The first day of Junk Bonanza was full of fabulous stuff! Without further adieu, a few pictures for YOU! Timetelling clocks… Chairs that rocked! Studio F’s finds unique…   …stuff that stacked from Uber Chic…    …and Round Barn’s ode to birdcage peeks!  Piccadilly’s house of plants…  …flowers that bloomed at every glance! Judi Rhubarb painted […]

Hirshfield’s Helms the Paint Table!

Hirshfield’s has been spreading the gospel of clay-based Cottage Paint, a new self-priming line it is carrying at its paint and finishings stores. That’s Linda Lock, the CP and refinishing expert from British Columbia, who taught classes throughout the Bonanza! They also amazed Bonanza-goers with their Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint (that can be tinted in […]

The Twin Cities Wine Event Alongside the Junk Bonanza!

Not only isJunk Bonanza a good party, the Junk Bonanza loves a good party! We’re happy to note that Savor Minnesota is going on upstairs from the Bonanza today at Canterbury Park! Savor Minnesota, which features the best of Minnesota food and drink, is serving up wonderful fare for $40 at the door, including a […]

Bring on the Bonanza’s Last Day!

Yes, we’ve got snow, but we’ve also got fabulous shoppers! The ace crew at Canterbury Park had already cleared the parking lots early Friday morning to make way for customers and vendors alike!Everything is ready for your arrival today! There was a lot of great restocking going on to ensure there is fresh and fabulous […]

When Life Brings Figurative Lemons…

The weather is less than ideal for the Spring Junk Bonanza, but your JB team and vendors (and you, the attendees!) have plenty of steel in our backbones! (Not to mention gritty determination!) So neither snow nor sleet nor grungy weather will dissuade us from our appointed rounds at Canterbury Park! To that end, here’s […]

WIn VIP Early Bird Bonanza Tickets and More!

Calling all fans of the Junk Bonanza! We’re excited to share the first Spring show with you, April 18-20! If you haven’t made your travel plans yet, consider this: We’re sweetening the prospect! One lucky winner will enjoy the show at Canterbury Park, courtesy of Ki! Included in our prize package giveaway: * 2 VIP Early […]

Junk Bonanza Visits Paris!

Yes, that’s Junk Bonanza‘s own Emily Nordstrom, showing the JB colors in front of La Tour Eiffel recently! A gal pal getaway for a few days allowed Em to see how junking is done, Paris-style. She was kind enough to share part of her junking tour: Shops and markets were stuffed with gorgeous, traditional linens… […]

A Hint of Spring!

The days are counting down for the first Spring Junk Bonanza and we are so excited! Seems like the Bonanza lives on through good memories for just about everyone! We smiled to see this blog post from OpenDoor Studios in Warrenville, Ill., this week! Author and Bonanza-lover Martha Layton Smith was enthusing over two fabulous […]

Introducing the FMS Weddings Lab!

We’re hard at work on the details of the Weddings Lab that will debut at the Spring Junk Bonanza! We plan to key off of the great ideas and vintage fabulosity found on the pages of the premiere issue of Flea Market Style Weddings, but there will be even more vintage ideas, resources and inspiration […]

Spring Bonanza Postcards Arriving!

Postcards for the Spring show are arriving later this week from the printer; and will be available soon! Here’s a sneak peek! Are you ready? The Spring Bonanza starts in fewer than 80 days! Kim