Yes, that’s Junk Bonanza‘s own Emily Nordstrom, showing the JB colors in front of La Tour Eiffel recently!
A gal pal getaway for a few days allowed Em to see how junking is done, Paris-style.
She was kind enough to share part of her junking tour:
Shops and markets were stuffed with gorgeous, traditional linens…
…and old hotel room tags that junker jewelry artists prize so highly.
Paris is called the City of Lights…
… and there were plenty of beautiful fixtures to behold!
Of course, there was time out for a restorative glass of French wine!
Even in France, Emily found a piece of home!
She’s back now, hard at work with the rest of us, prepping for the inaugural Spring Junk Bonanza,  April 18-20!
We can’t wait to pack our bags (you’re not the only ones who travel to Canterbury Park for this event!)

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