The weather is less than ideal for the Spring Junk Bonanza, but your JB team and vendors (and you, the attendees!) have plenty of steel in our backbones!
(Not to mention gritty determination!)
So neither snow nor sleet nor grungy weather will dissuade us from our appointed rounds at Canterbury Park!
To that end, here’s a little Welcome to Minnesota for Ki and Taylor, who arrived yesterday from the California office!
That poorly lettered sign (it was too cold for painting, truthfully!) says Next Stop Canterbury!
We can’t wait to see you for unmitigated fun and bodacious shopping at the Nation’s Best Junk Round-up!
Bring it on!

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  1. We are going to be on our way this afternoon from Colorado to be in the early bird line. Wish us luck, hopefully we can skirt the worst part of the storm.

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