Postcards for the Spring show are arriving later this week from the printer; and will be available soon!
Here’s a sneak peek!
Are you ready?
The Spring Bonanza starts in fewer than 80 days!

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  1. Got my April early bird tickets!!!! Wooooo Hooooo girls trip from Chicago. Can’t wait. We visited the Junk Bonanza last fall for the first time and were blown away so we are excited to come this April for the first Spring show. Can’t wait. Girlfriends, road trip and junk treasures what more could a girl want!!!!!!

  2. Finally… I live near Minneapolis, and I am sooooo excited! There isn’t really any good junk shops near here (that I know of, anybody know any?) so when I heard you are coming near me… I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Might have to rent a truck…but I’ll be there!!
    ~ Pendra

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