Hirshfield’s has been spreading the gospel of clay-based Cottage Paint, a new self-priming line it is carrying at its paint and finishings stores. That’s Linda Lock, the CP and refinishing expert from British Columbia, who taught classes throughout the Bonanza!
They also amazed Bonanza-goers with their Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint (that can be tinted in all of the manufacturer’s 3,000 colors) and their Molten Metallic line, with the look of hammered metal.
Cottage Paint comes in lots of great colors!
Anne from Hirshfield’s Plaster Center helped out in the booth…
… and with customers.
Stir sticks are the new color chip!
Hirshfield’s crew was all smiles! Manager Mary Angell shares a laugh with Gail Rogers of Protek, the Canadian paint manufacturer behind Cottage Paint!
It’s been a full three days in praise of paint!
A lot of junkers and Bonanza fans are ready to start painting, soon as the snow recedes!

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