If That’s Pizza, This Must be Brunch!

When Emily, the Bonanza’s Operations Director, visits Ki in L.A. for a planning meeting. they cram a lot of work into a short few days. True to form, they shared a working brunch on Sunday morning, just before Em departed for the airport! Their delicious repast? The traditional Pineapple and Canadian Bacon Pizza! Em is […]

Behind the Scenes: Spring Forward!

Plans proceed apace for the very first Spring Junk Bonanza April 18-20, 2013! We met Friday at Emily’s for a working lunch! She baked the cherrywood smoked bacon for a minimum of grease! That’s Jane’s turkey bacon on the left!  Em’s culinary charms were made all the more appreciated when we noticed that she cooks […]

Bonanza Planning: Paperwork and Pizza

Planning started bright and early Thursday at Ki’s kitchen table with Emily’s printed agenda leading the way! Some people were not yet out of their pajamas, but their brains were already firing, after copious amounts of coffee. We pretty much worked all day. At the counter… …at the Larchmont Larder… (where they had some rockin’ […]

Bonanza Team L.A./Paso Robles-Bound!

Ki with Kathy, Susi and Carrie, the Three Speckled Hens, on an earlier visit to Paso Robles! It’s that time of year again. While this year’s Junk Bonanza plans have been cooking as soon as last year’s event wrapped, it’s time for the official team planning meeting at Ki’s digs in Los Angeles! What’s different […]