Plans proceed apace for the very first Spring Junk Bonanza April 18-20, 2013!
We met Friday at Emily’s for a working lunch!
She baked the cherrywood smoked bacon for a minimum of grease! That’s Jane’s turkey bacon on the left!
 Em’s culinary charms were made all the more appreciated when we noticed that she cooks without a handle on her range!
Behold, the fixings for a fine repast!
 What BLT isn’t made better with the addition of chips…
… and friends! Operations Director Irene and Vendor Wrangler Jane had plenty of ideas to share for the spring show!
 Jane broke out the visual aids, eventually! 
 Several hours later we were finished…
…with all the notes duly recorded in my nifty personalized Bonanza notebook (thank you, Ki!)
The well-oiled Bonanza machine is kicking into gear! Have you reserved your space yet? Or your hotel room?! We can’t wait to see you!

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