Junk Bonanza Peeps: Part 3!

Bonanza love is so much better when you share it with people you adore! Here is another installment of shots of happy Bonanzans! Do you have pix to share?!! We’re even happy to see our security and parking crew each year! Made your plans yet for the Spring Junk Bonanza in Minneapolis April 16-18, the […]

Junk Bonanza Peeps: Part 2!

We love how the Junk Bonanza brings together friends — whether they are gal-pals uniting for an outing, or even vendors who see each other but a few times a year. We love that the JB is a great get-together for friends and families!  Here are some snaps we wanted to share! Do you have […]

Fabulous Booths of Bonanza, Part 3!

 We couldn’t shoot every booth, but we shot a lot! Junk Bonanza is thankful to its amazing vendors for their great talent and skills!  Here are yet a few more shots of booth setups!  Enjoy! Keep watching this space! We’ve got more great photos from Fall Junk Bonanza on the way!Want to check out the […]

Junk Bonanza Peeps: Part 1!

Junk Bonanza loves to see smiles on the face of its happy attendees! JB is the place for peeps! Whether they’re carting their peeps… …or hugging them, Bonanazans love to see each other as much as the great junk!

Fabulous Booths of Bonanza, Part 2!

 More great booth setups from our amazing Junk Bonanza vendors!  Enjoy the visual feast! You can find the first installment here!  Without further adieu, some more booths for you: More great shots to come! Kim

Great Stuff, Again!

 Pure junking goodness abounds at the Bonanza!  We’ve got a ton of great shots for you, today and in coming days and weeks!  Please enjoy your visual tour! More great junk to come! Want to get in on the action? The show goes on today at Canterbury Park until 5 p.m.! Kim

Fabulous Booths of Bonanza: Part 1!

 We love the fabulous eye our Junk Bonanza vendors bring to their booths! Seriously!  Take a look at some of what we shot before the Thursday open!  We’ll be sharing more in coming days!  Enjoy! More great junk to come! Kim

Art of Junk Contest: The Winners!

The numbers are in! We’ve got winners in the Art of Junk contest! The judges were unanimous in praising the work of these amazing 11 finalists!   Don’t miss our gallery on the 2nd floor of the Main Building! *1st, $500 Carter Averbeck of Omforme Design “Walk-Sit Chair”   It is amazingly comfortable! *2nd, $350 Suzanne […]

Bonanza Week Begins: DAY 2!

Tuesday was early setup day at the Junk Bonanza! There were plenty of smiles to go around,  despite the heavy lifting! Vendors checked in to the sounds of construction in the entry of the new Expo Center! Upstairs in the main building, structures were being formed… …as the first of the vendors began moving into […]

Bonanza Week Begins! DAY 1!

Another Junk Bonanza week begins at Canterbury Park! Check out that piece of blue tape on the ground, as seen from the corner of the ticket booth. Last show, this was the floor of “the tent” ! Things are looking a little different for this show!  The new Expo Center is done inside, but there […]