Another Junk Bonanza week begins at Canterbury Park!
Check out that piece of blue tape on the ground, as seen from the corner of the ticket booth.
Last show, this was the floor of “the tent” !
Things are looking a little different for this show!
 The new Expo Center is done inside, but there still is a bit of work still to be accomplished on the exterior.
This afternoon, for example, masons were cutting a hole in the front of the building!
This will form the start of the permanent walkway between the Expo Center and the main Canterbury building. For this show, there will be a temporary, tented walkway! 
(So you don’t get weary, there will be food and drink options along the way…)
Amazing that they cut through that stone so fast!
Paul and his amazing crew loaded all of this plus more in on Sunday!
Yes, it really does look like this before the vendors set up!
 Monday’s big job is taping off the vendor booths! Mid was at the helm!
 Emily was on quality control!
How many JB team members does it take to tape off the floor? Em, Andre, Mid, Matt and Lorraine!
There were other projects underway, too!
 The inimitable Nancy Miller Polacek dropped by to sew some channels in the Art of Junk canvas curtain backdrops, so that they wouldn’t need to be clamped to the structures that hold them! Have sewing machine, will travel!
We’ll be at Canterbury by 7 a.m. Tuesday, working to get prepped before the early setup vendors arrive! 

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