Tuesday was early setup day at the Junk Bonanza! There were plenty of smiles to go around, 
despite the heavy lifting!
Vendors checked in to the sounds of construction in the entry of the new Expo Center!
Upstairs in the main building, structures were being formed…
…as the first of the vendors began moving into the Expo!
WCCO-TV was in the house, too, filming K and setup for a piece to air Saturday! Thanks to Natalie Nyhus, Mike Augustyniak and Brad Earley!
A beautiful backdrop began to take shape…
While Mid and Eydie planted pots with flowers, branches and pumpkins,,,
,,,so you will arrive to a beautiful setting!
By late afternoon, the Expo was filling up…
 … with happy vendors!
 1st Pick calls this piece “Big Time”!
 Hunt and Gather got its backdrop ready…
 …on the flip side, Haupt Antiek was still sorting (and glad that Lisa Souers Designs had not yet arrived; Haupt was happy for the temporary space!)
 Amid the piles, we could see great treasures!
 Booths began taking shape…
 …and swoon-worthy pieces were in view!
 Lots of great stuff!
We can’t wait to see what today brings! T-minus ONE DAY and counting until Junk Bonanza!

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