The numbers are in! We’ve got winners in the Art of Junk contest!
The judges were unanimous in praising the work of these amazing 11 finalists!
Don’t miss our gallery on the 2nd floor of the Main Building!
*1st, $500 Carter Averbeck of Omforme Design
“Walk-Sit Chair”
It is amazingly comfortable!
*2nd, $350 Suzanne Theisfeld of Objects & Art
“Metal Dress”
Difficult to believe this is tin when you look at how it flows!
*3rd, $150 Lee Anderson of Histories
“Victory Dance Hall Sign”
It’s got moving parts, a light and plays boogie-woogie!
The Junk Bonanza sends its thanks to all of the amazing artists — in no particular order — who created these wow-worthy pieces!
* Ben Mueller of A Vintage Parcel

“The Heart of the City”

 Terry Kerr, independent
“Soldier Boy Lamp”
 *Rick Murphy of Rick’s Sculptures
“Bennington the Dog”
 Mike-Janet Brown of Treasures and Trash
 “Gas Pump Cabinet”
 *Paul Larson of Limited Primitives
“On the Handlebars”
Sara Smith of s.a.r.a.
Gretchen Morrison and Becky Schuster of Eclectic 887

“Alvin, Ethel and Elmer”
*Mary Andersen of Vintage Pixie
“Radiant Miss Bella”
The gallery is so large, we have to look at it in one…
…three shots!  
Our panel of judges loved your work!
Each fab piece was judged in the overall categories of originality, craftsmanship, materials and overall impression of the piece, with several sub points. The judging scale was 1 to 5 in each category, 
Thanks to our judges: Barbra Nei, Lisa Roberts, Bruno Bornzstein, Alicia Lacy, Tim Luke and Scott McGlasson.
Do visit the Art of Junk gallery at the Bonanza to check out these amazing entries! The photos don’t do them justice.
We hope you’ll be seeing lots of these stickers when you do!
Vive le junk!

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