Meet today’s featured Junk Bonanza staffer — Jane of All Trades, Karla Cunningham! Cool competence and incredible work ethic make her an MVP!

 Place you call home:
Cape Coral, FL


Bonanza job:

I’ve worked in the Ki Nassauer Shop for most of the Bonanzas. This past year I worked all four JBs (two in MN, Portland and San Diego), filling in wherever needed. I enjoy talking with fellow junkers and first- time Junk Bonanza shoppers. For upcoming shows, I have a new job — working the front table doling out information and tips to JB shoppers!
I had this belt especially made for my job!


kar8You love and care for:
Two  current rescued/adopted small dogs , Ezzy (Toy Fox  black and white terrier) and Daisy (Beagle mix). Love them and they love us — they are well behaved and love to go for car rides and ride in the shopping carts at the home improvement stores and pet stores.


In your free time:
I volunteer with the BAY AREA GREYHOUND ADOPTIONS CAPE CORAL/FORT MYERS GROUP. My duties include sewing dog vests, pictured, with money pockets for donations; and fleece winter coats and holiday vests  for the dogs to wear at Meet-N-Greets. I also attend and inform potential adopters about the Greyhound breed and what great family dogs. I take the dogs to visit the homes of potential adopters to determine whether it is a good fit for each! Occasionally I will foster a Greyhound at our house until a longer-term foster home opens up, or sit for another foster parent if they want a weekend away.



Got my start repurposing junk:

Sister Ki of Junk Bonanza fame got me interested. It started with  sewing pillow covers for the very first sales and later, projects for Flea Market Style Magazine. That led to my opening two Etsy shops (currently on hiatus because of all the other things going on).


Happy pursuits:
Ki and I grew up around horses and enjoy riding and caring for them.
With our move to southwest Fl. my interests have turned to boating, fishing, volunteering with the Greyhounds, sewing, and remodeling our new/old house.
(Editor’s note regarding sewing: Karla has almost a full-time job masterminding repairs on an ancient pair of Ki’s jeans and her signature green U.S. Army coat, both of which are well-loved to the nth degree!)

karla13She continues to pull a veritable rabbit out of these two denim “hats”!

You can read more about Karla and the JB team, here! Come see Karla in action, next at JB Minneapolis SEPT 22-24 and then in Portland, OCT 14-15!

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