Staff Profile: Taylor Nassauer Newmark!

Today’s installment of Meet the Junk Bonanza Staff! Put your feet up and get to know Taylor Nassauer Newmark a bit better! She hails from the House of Nassauer and has been working for the Bonanza since 2010! Grew up: in Orono, MN Place you now call home: Los Angeles Bonanza job: Partnerships Director/Exhibitor Manager […]

Staff Profile: Karla Cunningham!

Meet today’s featured Junk Bonanza staffer — Jane of All Trades, Karla Cunningham! Cool competence and incredible work ethic make her an MVP!  Place you call home: Cape Coral, FL Bonanza job: I’ve worked in the Ki Nassauer Shop for most of the Bonanzas. This past year I worked all four JBs (two in MN, Portland and San Diego), filling […]

Staff Profile: Ki Nassauer!

Name: Ki Nassauer. Ki is short for KiAnn Born and raised: Minnesota. South of the Twin Cities. The picture is of our house and my brothers and sisters. I was on the gray horse. I lived just off a county road where I rode horses in my backyard, built forts in the pasture and mucked […]

Staff Profile: Jane Hall!

Happy Wednesday! Today’s installment of our occasional series of Junk Bonanza team profiles is Jane Hall! Meet our longtime exhibitor manager, Junkin’ Jane — her love of vintage, eye for the unusual and tireless work are essential contributons to the Bonanza’s success! Name:  Jane Hall Bonanza job: exhibitor manager Born and raised: Minnesota. As a youngster I rode my […]

Staff Profile: Krista Belle Mickelson!

Welcome to the first in an occasional series of profiles of your Junk Bonanza team! You know that it takes a village to produce four Bonanzas a year — twice in Minneapolis and once each in Portland, OR, and San Diego, CA! Now you can learn a bit more about the people who make it […]