Staff Profile: Karla Cunningham!

Meet today’s featured Junk Bonanza staffer — Jane of All Trades, Karla Cunningham! Cool competence and incredible work ethic make her an MVP!  Place you call home: Cape Coral, FL Bonanza job: I’ve worked in the Ki Nassauer Shop for most of the Bonanzas. This past year I worked all four JBs (two in MN, Portland and San Diego), filling […]

Ki’s Jacket Lives to See Another Day…

  This is a story about sisterly love. It is also a story about optimism. And one of a bonding experience between siblings…and among threads! This is the story of Ki’s signature coat and…and her sister Karla’s magic touch! First, some background. Ki appropriated this Army surplus jacket from her son, Tyson, when he was 17. […]