@junkbonanza #portland welcomes Weathered Finds!
Marti Sidock

Business name:

Weathered Finds

Live in/Business located:

Yelm, WA

On your junking bucket list:

127 Worlds Longest Yard Sale & Brimfield

You knew you were a junker when…

…I realized I loved the thrill of the hunt! Back when I was a teenager I loved finding a bargain and unique items you couldn’t find in any store.


 Best all-time junking find:25 years ago an wicked ex boyfriend sold a bunch of my personal items from when my Mom passed. I was at a show in Puyallup and I found the plate from the church where my parents got married in Chula Vista, CA ….that was my best find 🙂

You wish you would never have parted with…

…My 1968 RS/SS 396 Camaro!

Bringing to the Bonanza:

Rustic farm pieces like plows and anything you could stick a plant in or use for yard art. Vintage dishware and silver pieces, vintage trophys, afghans for cool fall days. Antique tables, chairs, cabinets, ladders and shelves. And several surprises!

You never junk without…

…gloves, tie downs and measuring tape!

No one would ever guess you…

…do it all myself. Junking, fixing, painting,loading,set up, show, take down….sometimes a friend helps with a show but I do a lot of it on my own.



Your junking holy grail:

If I said than it wouldn’t be holy any more!

Junking makes you feel…





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