We asked our readers for suggestions on making your Junk Bonanza #minneapolis outing successful!  We hope you enjoy —  and heed their savvy advice!

Arrive early: Get there in the morning that’s when you get the first pick!
— Teri Garin

 Know your needs: Bring your tape measure, fabric and paint samples and dimensions of what you are looking for!
— Laura Carlson Goewey

Don’t hesitateIf you like it, buy it, because it won’t be there when you come through a second time.
— Jodi Abhold Zehner

Carry on: Bring a big bag to carry all of your fun stuff and buy a Bloody Mary right away! They are amazing!
— Melissa Taufen Bezotte

Prep your vehicle: Make sure you have room in your vehicle for that “unexpected, I gotta have it” find!
— Melissa Ausland

Know your options: Remember if the item you are wanting to buy is not the right color you can always paint it!
— Cheryl Borns

Carry cash: Many vendors take credit cards, but small bills are always good to have on hand for those little sales, too. Bring on JB 2017!
— Mary Banaszewski Waschek

Be practical: Wear comfortable shoes.
— Ashley Walsh

Bring storage: Take a foldable canvas shopping cart so your hands are free to shop, eat and pay for all of your wonderful Bonanza purchases. A crossbody pocketbook keeps your hands free!
— Among the Treasures

Have a strategy: Arrive early and make a quick sweep through looking for furniture. If you like it, buy it because it may not be there later. You can often leave big items with the vendor to haul to your vehicle later in the day. Then, drink in hand, browse through at a slower pace, checking out smaller items in each booth.
— Angie Kruse

Have another strategy: As a vendor/shopper, I shop one direction around the building, then turn around and go the other way around. I see many new things shopping that way!
— Robin Hanson

Plan ahead: Bring a companion with muscle power to help carry your treasure.
— Kelly Parks Heeringa

Be your best self: Shows like this are a lot of work for vendors, and they are often exhausted. Be polite and friendly.
— Stephanie Kent-Wargin

Have fun: Pace yourself and enjoy!
— Mary Winkels

To these we add: stay hydrated, don’t forget to take a lunch break and don’t worry, there are ATMs on site!

Just NINE days until Junk Nirvana! Are you ready?!

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