As 2016 draws to a close, there are a few stories we wanted to share but have yet to complete.

One is that of Renee Cebula, our Portland vendor, Raising the Bar Barware!

All of our vendors are amazing junkers, dedicated to sharing their love of the past and the funky.

Yes, those are chestnuts!


They are beautifully aligned!

Raising the Bar was a first-time vendor at our Portland show, and really ran the gamut in order to be with us. Literally!

We loved that she was using fallen chestnuts on her property in Spokane, WA, in order to figure out the layout of her space inside the Expo Center in Ridgefield, WA.

“I use whatever I find laying around — brooms, rakes, or in the case of Junk Bonanza PDX, chestnuts,” she said.


Her 100-year-old chestnut tree was a big help! ” We share our driveways (they choose not to have a car) which is great for me backing my vintage trailer in and out for events. And plenty of room to think about my space at upcoming shows,” Renee said,

“I always diagram on paper first, then head outside to see how it looks” Renee said. This is especially important for new shows, places, and space dimensions. Funny thing is I usually switch it all around when I actually get the trailer at the event.”


We, of course, love, that she used whatever was on hand (in true, JB fashion!) and that she shared it all with us!

That’s a smile worthy of any chestnut hunter and all ingenious chestnut users!
We’re looking forward to being back in the Portland area in 2017, with a new venue and all of our fabulous vendors! 2017 promises to be a very good year! Check out all the happenings at!


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