@junkbonanza #portland welcomes Averie Lane Boutique!
Amber Koogler

Business name:

Averie Lane Boutique

Live in/Business located:

Caldwell, ID

Your style in three words:

vintage, Western, rustic


On your junking bucket list:

a whole barn, vintage schoolhouse lights…basically anything we could use to build our dream home!

You knew you were a junker when…

…I was little and would tag along with my Mom to antique shows and junk shows. Haven’t stopped since!

Best all-time junking find:

We pulled two old five-panel doors out of a burn pile, both with original minty green paint. We’ve since turned them into a headboard!


You wish you would never have parted with…

…a pile of old wood I salvaged from a Victorian house (when I was 6-months pregnant!). We used it to build my office desk, but had to leave it and the desk when we got an unexpected job transfer.

Bringing to the Bonanza:

Averie Lane specializes in rustic farmhouse furniture (the more original the better!), vintage and antique home decor and hand-painted, hand-lettered signs framed in reclaimed wood.

You never junk without…

…my husband! He loves it as much or more than me! Our “dates” usually include the local auction or weekend drives to pick! Oh, we also do it with our three kids along for the ride!


In your garage: cars or junk?

I still get in trouble for picking a house with ONLY a two-car garage. Not only do we use it to store our finds that need some attention, but we also have a significant wood collection that we use to build our signage. It’s not near big enough for all we need to do, but we make it work.

No one would ever guess you…

…am a pretty open book, but not many of my new followers or customers at shows may how Averie Lane got its name. It is named after my two oldest children, Lane and Averie, who passed away from Mitochondrial disease. I love that I get to do something I love while honoring their memory.


Your junking holy grail:

a vintage trailer and old pickup to pull it! A little challenging to find the right combo that can hold our family of (almost) 6!

Junking makes you feel…

…happy! I love the act of finding, saving and preserving old stuff. I love bringing things into my home that have a history.










Amber, we look forward to seeing you and your fab vintage creations Oct. 14-15! Ki and the team can’t wait!


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