@junkbonanza #portland welcomes NomagirlVintage to the Clark County Event Center Oct. 14-15!

Your style in three words:

form, function, color

On your junking bucket list:

Round Top and the Rust Belt

You knew you were a junker when…

…my favorite place to go with my grandparents was the swap meet, and my favorite place was my grandpa’s garage.


Best all-time junking find:

Impossible to choose just one item. Too much good stuff.

You wish you would never have parted with…

…a very early Meryl Streep playbill from one of the plays she was in during college.

Bringing to the Bonanza:

completely fresh inventory specially curated for my Junk Bonanza debut. A great assortment of galvanized, rusty, and industrial with a juxtaposition of romantic, chic and fun.


You never junk without…

…my trusty striped Woolworths shopping basket and my sweetheart

In your garage: cars or junk?

Both! Junk on top of project cars!

No one would ever guess you…

…had the part of Glinda The Good Witch in a high school production of the Wizard of Oz.


Your junking holy grail:

to be the first person invited into a “greatest generation” place (warehouse/hardware store/barn) that was closed up at some point and has been untouched for decades

Junking makes you feel…

…like I am honoring the craftsmanship and design aesthetic of 20th-century makers by giving the items new purpose and exposing them to younger generations.





Ki and the team are thrilled to have this first-timer in the house at our second Pacific Northwest vintage market! We can’t wait to see you! Early Bird tickets are on sale now!


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