NTMknoblastIt’s NTM Monday! Never Too Many…Door Knobs!

These are the passion of Amber Lyon Ferguson, aka @junkaholicsunanimous on Instagram! We love that she shared this collection, one of her many love-to-collect items!

” I have been collecting for about 10 years. I have been a dealer but right now I sell primarily through my Etsy shop, The Junky Chic Boutique,” Amber said. “Door knobs and salvage hardware are some of those items that I find on my junk adventures that I have the best intentions of selling, but they always manage to become ‘permanent fixtures’ in my home!”
Amber says she is “drawn to the the attention to detail and the romantic notions I have about the beautiful old homes they were once a part of and imagining the lives of the people who lived there. I find most of my treasures at flea markets, estate sales and rummage sales. Whenever I am out junking I am following my bliss!”
Thanks to Amber for sharing her love of architectural elements!
We’d love to know what YOU collect! Send a photo and some background information to kim@kinassauer.com and we will share it across all of Ki’s media platforms!
We can’t wait to see your collection!

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