It’s Never Too Many Monday! Fresh off of an amazing Junk Bonanza in Minneapolis, vendor Sarah Bierstedt of The Purple Pincushion was moved to share her collection of cheese domes!
 Says Sarah:

“I have 37 of them between my studio and my home. At home they are tucked in around books on the shelves or sometimes lined up down the center of the dining table for a conversation starter. I think they are great for small colorful displays. I like to put vintage spools of thread and misc sewing notions in them. I have a few that have a colorful stack of vintage crocheted potholders in them. I’ve been collecting them for about 6 years!”

Sarah also has plans to embellish some of the dome bases:

“Ooooo, seashells are also beautiful inside. Someday I want to paint the bases with a high gloss enamel  (white, aqua, yellow, pink) to make a very cutesy look for them. If only there was more time in the day.”

We get that, totally!

Ki wants to know what YOU collect! Please email kim@kinassauer.com with photos and info; we’ll share your collection across our social media platforms!

Have a great collecting day!


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