It’s #NTM Monday! Never Too Many…Vintage Kitchen Items!

Junk Bonanza vendor Janis Archer of Country Keepsakes emailed this photo of her  collection! “Thought you’d enjoy checking out ‘The Wall’ in my laundry room that houses my collection of brightly colored vintage kitcheny things!” Janis wrote. ” ‘The Wall’ gets changed out in November to display a vintage Christmas collection.  Don’t look too closely  – you may spot some dust!”

Janis shared these thoughts about her collection:

“It has been ‘growing’ for many years.  I gravitate toward red and white and polka dots and bright graphics.  So when I started to put things on ‘The Wall’ I realized I had a red/white/polka dot/graphic collection!

“I would estimate it holds about 200 pieces.  Over the years, some pieces get bumped in favor of new finds.

“I love many of the items but some of my favorites include the set of milk glass clown glasses.  Not only are they so colorful but I remember purchasing them from a favorite antique store in Door County.  I remember the day so long ago  — on vacation -– with my family. They always make me happy!  The red and white polka dot chickens are another favorite.  I was antiquing with my mother in Stillwater and we spotted the chickens.  I regretfully passed them up but my mom managed to buy them as a surprise for me.”

Thanks, Janis, for sharing! Your happy collection makes us smile!

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