We love a good repurposing story, naturally! That’s Junk Bonanza San Diego vendor Karen Joyce of Last Vestige Found, wrestling one of four golden mannequins out of  Ki’s garage and into her vehicle!


That’s not the usual detritus one has hanging about in the garage, even for a vintage vendor or junk show maven! They were assembled a few years back from a pile of spare parts, pictured here!


The mannequins were used as wedding decor for Ki’s daughter Taylor’s wedding!


She wanted a touch of the unusual and the glam in her decor!


We have to hand it to her…She definitely got it!

Here are a few shots of the mannequins in “action” at the beautiful ceremony in downtown Los Angeles!


Definitely fun stuff!


Which brings us to why they were going home with Karen!

She found “gold” while delivering Ki’s oversized kitty painting from JB San Diego (read that saga, here) and decided to try to sell them at her next show, the Long Beach Antique Market.


Here they are at the market!

We love that they are onto their next use in life! Karen sent the mannequins home with a shopper who said they would be perfect for her daughter, a seamstress. Their next function will be to display the princess costumes she sews!


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