Work is proceeding apace on the yarn bomb project for Junk Bonanza Minneapolis! Our installation artist, Knitteapolis, has all kinds of flower donations coming in knitters and crocheters throughout the country!

This photo is a sampling!

We have hired her to yarn bomb the life-size horse structure that Canterbury Park uses at the racetrack. And we also want to give YOU an opportunity to contribute to this art installation! If you knit or crochet, please feel free to make a “flower” in any pattern — in orange or pink yarn — and send it in! Knitteapolis will use it to make a wreath for the horse to wear around its neck!


Here are details if you would like to contribute! Watch this space (and our Facebook page and Instagram) for updates!

Break out your knitting needles! Come and see the completed project (with your contribution!) April 21-23 at Junk Bonanza Minneapolis!


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