#YarnBombTheBonanza — Progress Report!

We’re excited about the yarn bomb project for Junk Bonanza Minneapolis! You’ll remember that we were inspired by international public art installations such as this car… …and these animals… …to do our very own yarn bomb at Junk Bonanza Minneapolis April 21-23! Our Minneapolis installation artist, Knitteapolis, will yarn bomb the life-size horse structure that Canterbury Park uses at the racetrack! As befitting the […]

Gather Ye Rosebuds…#YarnBombTheBonanza!

Work is proceeding apace on the yarn bomb project for Junk Bonanza Minneapolis! Our installation artist, Knitteapolis, has all kinds of flower donations coming in knitters and crocheters throughout the country! This photo is a sampling! We have hired her to yarn bomb the life-size horse structure that Canterbury Park uses at the racetrack. And we also want to give YOU […]

#YarnBombtheBonanza !

We can’t wait for @junkbonanza #minneapolis! We are thrilled that this show, in addition to all of the amazing junk and fabulous vendors, will also have a fun attraction for our attendees! We’ve invited Knitteapolis, the Minnesota Yarnbomber, to yarn bomb the Bonanza! Knitteapolis is an installation artist who keeps her identity shielded from the […]