nightbeforeA reprised poem from the Bonanza archives, revamped for our fab new locale! With love to Ridgefield-Vancouver-Portland-Washington-Oregon!

Twas the night before Bonanza;/
Throughout County, Clark/
Hustle and bustle continued/
Well into the dark!/
When finally, to the rafters, great junk was stuffed/
The floors with their tape lines were polished and buffed/
Vendors were finished with gilding their spots/
The building stood silent, awaiting the lots/
Of Early Bird shoppers, and then all the masses/
Of vintage love-lovers, brandishing passes/
To enter this heaven, the World Series of Junk!/
Then leave oh-so-happy with it all stuffed in their trunks!
We’re here in P-Northwest, where you keep Portland weird!/
Where “crossing the bridge” is sometimes so feared!/
Home to Pendleton and bikes and craft beer/
(We’re totally smitten; we sure love it here!)/
We can’t wait to see you! It’s all oh-so heady/
Annie Sloan Unfolded stands at the ready/
To pass on some tips re: amazing Chalk Paint®! /
The Bonanza is rocking’ (sedate it just ain’t!)
Jo Packham is signing great masses of mags!/
Buyers most gleefully will stuff all their bags/
With junk and great vintage and salvage galore/
Our talented purveyors leave them begging for more!/
Fabulous vendors! Even more fabulous swag!/
And three days to enjoy it, lest your energy lag!/
So get ready to shop and to smile and to laugh/
And Happy Bonanza from the entire JB staff!

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