Welcome, Fresh Picked Vintage!


Theresa Gordon

Business name:
 Fresh Picked
Live in/Business located:
Ridgefield, WA/space in Camas Antiques
Your style in three words:
white, vintage, cottage


On your junking bucket list:
to start at the East Coast with a big truck and drive back home to the Pacific Northwest picking along the way, ending the journey with a pop-up sale out of the back of the truck that has been promoted on Instagram all along the journey.
You knew you were a junker when…
…I had my first garage sale with my mom that turned into yearly sales that we called the “Snoop Sisters” sales.


Best all-time junking find:

Hermes scarf in box that I paid a whopping $2 for

You wish you would never have parted with…

…12 Johnson Brothers “flying turkey” dinner plates that I paid $25 for.   Every Thanksgiving I miss them.


Bringing to the Bonanza:

Restoration Hardware-worthy, heart-stopping kitchen island/bar cart; cupboards;  tables; buckets;  hops basket;  orchard ladder;  chairs; benches; baskets; white ironstone; silver (some French); French reliquary; European white monogrammed napkins; wire baskets;  and everything and anything that is white and vintage

You never junk without…

…reading glasses and a 16-oz Americano with cream.

In your garage: cars or junk?

Junk now, but hoping to somehow fit in the car before the heavy rains….been trying for quite some time now!


No one would ever guess you…

…have furniture inside my house from a big box store (you know….a slipcovered couch on a budget)

Your junking holy grail:

being asked to pick a barn when no one else has been there first…and…an authentic Mora clock


Junking makes you feel…

…challenged, excited and happy

The Bonanza looks forward to all of this chippy goodness, and to seeing YOU! Mark your calendars for Friday through Saturday at the Clark County Event Center in Ridgefield, WA!


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