Junk Bonanza welcomes CatEyeGirls!


Teresa Mitchell and Ann Steiger

Business name:

cateyegirls and Roxy Theatre Antiques


Live in/Business located:

Teresa: Yakima, WA

Ann: Kennewick, WA

Your style in three words:

Teresa: Cool old stuff!

Ann: Fun, vintage, eclectic


On your junking bucket list:

Teresa: To be invited into just one more estate of a hoarder and pick it clean . . . all by myself.

Ann: Ditto!

You knew you were a junker when…

Teresa : In high school my parents “retired” and opened a secondhand store . . . where I received a very practical education.

Ann: Back in the day, I would shop antique malls in Del Mar with my old Aunts.  We would all find the same English Stoneware Platter.  Of course, I would let them buy it.  Today, they are 93 and 94 years old.  They inspired me to get into this Business.


Best all-time junking find:

Teresa:  A collection of 1940s pottery flamingos that I found junkin’ with my dad at this funky little swap meet in Apache Junction, AZ. He would call me from AZ every Sunday morning at 6 AM and ask, “Have you sold those pelicans yet?”

Ann: Antiquing in Pendleton, OR, at an estate sale managed by a buddy of mine.  He handed me a box of “old cloths” and said take this. I got home and in the box were three beautiful Victorian traveling suits.


You wish you would never have parted with…

Teresa: My last garage. The perfect space to repurpose and restore.

Ann: A huge 1920’s kitchen cupboard painted in jadeite green, which could display loads of collections of all kinds.


Bringing to the Bonanza:

Teresa:  Extraordinary vintage clothing (1890s – 1950s), whimsical kabootles, primitive anythings and structurally functional vintage elements that produce feelings of optimism and happiness.

Ann: Ditto with yours, Teresa. Collections of treasures for your home and heart.

You never junk without…

Teresa:  Money, lots of money . . . you never know what or how much junk you will find while hunting and gathering.

Ann: Money in your pocket. A vehicle large enough to carry the 1920’s kitchen cupboard available for a scream’n deal.


In your garage: cars or junk?

Teresa: Both actually. Seriously cool junk and my dad’s 1972 Cheyenne Pickup.

Ann: The perfect garage…filled with bronze sculptures created by my husband, a metal sculptor… and all of his welding equipment.


No one would ever guess you…

Teresa: …are a minimalist. It’s a small house thing.

Ann: My home is not filled, top to bottom, with vintage anything.  Original artwork, old textiles and bronze sculptures surround me.


Your junking holy grail:

Teresa: An Andrew Carson-esque wind sculpture crafted out of old junk.

Ann: A fabulous mid-century dining room and living room suite.


Junking makes you feel…

Teresa: optimistic and happy . . . clever, too.

Ann: Like a storyteller, by gathering a collection of vintage treasures, to enlighten and educate.



Website: http://cateyegirls.com and http://roxytheatreantiques.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CatEyeGirls and https://facebook.com/roxytheatreantiques
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/cateyegirls/

Fabulous vendors, we can’t wait to meet you!

Fabulous attendees, we can’t wait to meet you, too!

See you in a few short days at the Clark County Event Center in Ridgefield, WA!


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