Whew! With the conclusion of @junkbonanza #portland this month, we have completed the four shows of the 2015 calendar year!

We are thrilled to report that three of our amazing vendors worked both Minneapolis shows, as well as those in San Diego and Portland! We salute them! We asked them to tell us why they like to do our show!

UBER CHIC HOME – Chris Brady
“This is the best show in the nation.  Ki has a magical circuit and I absolutely love it. She draws a group together that is unlike any other show – customers and vendors are both amazing, and I haven’t seen that anywhere else in 21 years being in the business. She works hard to give a quality show everywhere she goes.”
TRES MELINDAS – Melinda Dennis
“This was a happy accident.  On a whim, I started. I’m on a new journey as an empty  nester and it’s a pleasure to be here.  As a 7th generation Texan, I’m a story teller, and I get to tell stories through my jewelry.  It’s fun because I can pass down a piece of my mom, dad, grandad, etc.  I love the people I meet — the vendors and the customers.  This is my full-time job and my happy place. I love this show.”


“I enjoy antiques and junk, that’s why I build the kind of jewelry I do. I really only do art shows — this is the only junk show I do.  They’re fun in a sense that vendors and customers are friendly. It’s a change of pace from the usual shows, plus I can buy pieces here for my jewelry that I can’t at art shows. Ki promotes really well… .It’s consistent, easy going, people have fun with drinking Bloody Mary’s… you find a lot of things you normally don’t see anywhere else.  Ki’s show focuses more on repurposing more than other shows, and she gets the right clientele that enjoys that.”

We thank our hard-working vendors for the props, but would be the first to say, without them, their fellow vendors and their always-fabulous product, we would never be able to put on this show. Hats off to all of our vendors, and a special thanks to these three who have gone the distance — literally — this year!


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