fadedf3Welcome, Faded Fleur! This rocking vendor will appear at the Fall Minneapolis show as well as in Portland!


Jody Lynn Myers

Business name: 

Le Faded Fleur (The Faded Flower)

Live in/Business located: 

Oak Grove, MN

fadedf4Your style in three words: 

Northern rustic romance

On your junking bucket list: 

It’s always about old textiles, I was lucky enough to already scratch off the Paris Flea’s and boot sales in England… maybe Italy?! Or to find an undiscovered old abandon farm house to salvage!  How fun would that be?! 

You knew you were a junker when… 

…I was born, it’s in my blood, passed on from my Mama.

fadedf5Best all-time junking find:

That changes frequently but I would have to say my own grandfather’s old flask.

You wish you would never have parted with…

…Part with?!  That’s the problem, I rarely do.

fadedf6Bringing to the Bonanza:

Handmade home & seasonal decor all made using vintage and antique textiles including European linens, grain sack, Barkcloth, wool, and more…

You never junk without…


fadedf1In your garage: cars or junk?

Both but if you ask me, treasures!!  If you ask my significant other…junk!!!

No one would ever guess you…

…love to sew!

Your junking holy grail:

fabric, fabric, and more fabric

fadedf2Junking makes you feel…


Email: LeFadedFleur@gmail.com





Got your Early Bird tickets yet for Minneapolis and/or Portland? Order Minneapolis tickets until midnight Sunday online, after that, the price increases $5 at the door!

Sturdy totes for stashing treasures are available to the first 250 Portland Early Bird ticket purchasers!

See you soon!


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