Meet Phyllis de Vries, proprietess of The Purple Pear and your lead instructor of hands-on Chalk Paint® classes during Junk Bonanza Portland Oct. 9-11!

She will be joined by other Portland-area stockists — Amanda Bachelder  of Girl in Pink at Camas Antiques in Camas, WA, and Wendy Kosloski of Teague’s Interiors in Longview, WA — in teaching six free, hands-on classes during the Bonanza!

We gave Phyllis a few questions about her love of junk and Chalk Paint® decorative paint and finishes by Annie Sloan, distributed by Bonanza Gold partner,!


Do you love junk?

I love anything that has patina and character and can be upcycled to create something useful and original.  Homes with updated pieces tend to have such a great look, one that is mellow with age and comfort, as well as inventive flair.

What is your best junking find?

I came across a very primitive wardrobe at an outdoor sale over three years ago and decided to buy it and paint it with Annie’s paint. I used the color, Florence, with a wash of Aubusson Blue, and then finished it with clear and dark wax.  Most of my customers are drawn to this piece and the beauty of the colors.

Do you have a favorite Chalk Paint® color?

Annie has the most beautiful palette of colors, and my favorites happen to be her range of blues.  Without a doubt, my favorite blue is Aubusson Blue.  It is sophisticated, elegant, and mysterious and perfect for furniture that demands some elegant treatment!


What about wax? Or treatment?

I love Annie’s wax for its luxurious look and feel.  One of my favorite ways of using it is to paint a surface and then while the paint is still drying, apply a layer of clear wax and wipe it with a clean, dry cloth to create a washed, dragged effect.  This technique creates a lovely soft finish.

What is your favorite restoration?

I purchased an antique piece of furniture with a marble top and gorgeous tiles with pink floral roses.  It was imperfect in many ways, but I tend to like things that show some age and fading color.  Someone had painted this piece with a white paint, but I wanted to add another color to it so it looked even softer.  I painted it first with Annie’s Old White and then did a wash of Paris Grey.  I also distressed some of it and then finished it with clear wax and added some dark wax in the more detailed areas.  I also added a keyhole and two other decorative appliqués to give the piece more beauty and interest.  It is  my favorite piece.


When did you know you loved this product?

The minute I opened my first quart  was the minute I knew there was no going back to any other paint.  I am grateful for this passion.

Looking for anything special at the Bonanza?

I love unique jewelry as well as anything related to old lace and old textiles and trims and buttons.  These are the things I am always searching for as well as a great piece of furniture that is calling out to me!


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Phyllis, we look forward to seeing you, Amanda and Wendy at the Clark County Event Center in Ridgefield, WA, soon!


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