NTM Monday: Never Too Many…Industrial Stools!

It’s NTM Monday! Never Too Many…industrial stools! Today’s collection is courtesy of Karen Joyce, the awesome Junk Bonanza San Diego vendor behind Last Vestige Found! “It’s a rotating collection!,” Karen says. ” I currently have about eight!” What attracts her to them? “The utility and patina these pieces have. …They make me ponder the craftsman who used them.” […]

A New Home for Kitty at Ki’s!

We all know how much Junk Bonanza‘s founding maven, Ki Nassauer, loves oil and paint-by-number paintings. Her Los Angeles home is filled with castoff oils  of unknowns, lovingly plucked from vintage markets and received as gifts. That’s Ki at JB San Diego in February, where she posed for a new press picture with a painting in […]