Ratty A Squirrel — A Story of Abduction, Friendship and Love!

We love our Junk Bonanza vendors! They are talented, kind, creative, resourceful and fun! Far from applying these attributes only to their work and craft, they use them to great effect elsewhere. Here’s Exhibit A! This story involves Lisa Souers of Lisa Souers Designs in Yakima, WA, our Minneapolis Exhibitor Manager Jane Hall in Carver, MN, and a taxidermied varmint […]

Staff Profile: Jane Hall!

Happy Wednesday! Today’s installment of our occasional series of Junk Bonanza team profiles is Jane Hall! Meet our longtime exhibitor manager, Junkin’ Jane — her love of vintage, eye for the unusual and tireless work are essential contributons to the Bonanza’s success! Name:  Jane Hall Bonanza job: exhibitor manager Born and raised: Minnesota. As a youngster I rode my […]