@junkbonanza #minneapolis is pleased to present vintage decor demonstrations by KSTP home and garden expert Larry Pfarr. He is also the owner of Leap Retail, a retail consulting company that does advertising/marketing, store design/remodel work and product design/conception. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he had “a nearly 24-year run at Bachman’s doing all sorts of things, which was also great fun.”

Now, Larry is going to create some fun with the Bonanza attendees!

Larry will demonstrate tips and ideas for incorporating vintage elements into your Spring tabletop, home and garden decor each day on the Second Floor of the Main Building, Area C on the map you’ll get as you enter the Bonanza!

Times are 1:30 Thursday and Friday and 12:30 Saturday.

LARRYPFARR mug  We did a little Q and A with him in advance of his appearance!

Q. What are you going to do at the Bonanza?

A. I have lots of ideas and it will be fast paced, so if I’m showing something you’re not interested in, just hang tight since in a minute or two I will move on to another idea.  There will ideas for gardening indoors and out, some flower arranging tips and a few ideas for your table.  I’ll also answer gardening questions for folks.

Q. What’s your favorite repurposed or junk find in your home?

The first is the repurposed mirrors in my dining room. They were once used for baking cakes in a commercial bakery.  Each panel has four circles, which enabled the baker to slide four cakes into the commercial oven at once.   I put mirrors inside each pan. Part of what makes this work in my home is that I took eight of these baking pans and hung them together on the wall to create impact.


I also love the repurposed letters that I have in my second floor office. It was important to me that my second floor look and feel like an office space. Leap Retail Consulting is the name of my company so the word “Leap” is in the hallway. I have the word “create” in my office and every time I look up from my computer it’s what I see.   “Create” is one of my favorite words because it can be followed by so many other impactful and positive words such as “create happiness”, “create a garden”, “create fun”.  We all have the ability to create something.

I bought these letters at the Junk Bonanza the year I started my business.

I could not find a ledge/shelf that I liked for these words so I made my own ledge taking two pieces of copper pipe, soldering caps on the ends and then bolting them together and to the wall.  Before mounting them to the wall, I used a blowtorch on the copper pipe to give it a patina and aged look.  A small piece of double sticking tape on the back also helps keep them in place.


Q. Tell us about your yard and garden!

It’s a never-ending, work in progress, which is what I truly love about a gardening especially container gardens.  Container gardens are so great because you can reinvent the look and or style every single year.


In the spring and early summer of 2015 my entire yard got a new look.  It started in the backyard when a major water feature was added.   I later realized that my wood raised vegetable garden needed major repair.  It was easier just to replace it so I did.    Once all that was done the front yard didn’t look good so that was redone as well.     2016 will be much less work and more about yard maintenance.

Since most of the things I do for KSTP  TV is shot in my yard, I try to have a lot of different areas to work in so I can dispense as many ideas and advice as possible.

Q. You’re never at a loss for words. Anything else you would like to add?

A. (Laughs out loud) I’ve been blessed with the gift of gab!

I look forward to shopping the Junk Bonanza, meeting lots of people and having fun.  It’s such a great event!

Make time to drop in on one of Larry’s demonstrations! You won’t be disappointed!


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