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Meet Charlie Ann McCrorie, our Junk Bonanza Baby!

She’s pictured here with her parents — Hollie Wood and Scott McCrorie — who met and fell in love as vendors at the very first Junk Bonanza in San Diego!


You know Hollie as @holliewoodstyle! Here she is at JB, shortly after she had moved to California from Charleston, SC. And how did she meet Scott, the dashing impresario of @ragmenhardgoods?


“Scott walked over and handed me a beer after we set up,” Hollie said. And the rest is Junk Bonanza history — today the couple is busy keeping up with Charlie Ann, who is a regular at estate sales and flea markets. “She loves people and she loves vintage clothes, too,” she said. “Everything in Charlie’s room is vintage except the mattress and curtains (I’m learning how to sew).”

As we approach our third San Diego show, we caught up with Scott and Hollie, who make their home in Long Beach and who are players in the Cali vintage scene. Hollie is a vendor at Junk Bonanza San Diego FEB 17-18, and we look forward to cameo appearances by Scott and Charlie, too!

Q. Scott, didn’t you decide to do the first Bonanza very last minute? What do you think about that now? 
A. Damn, my bachelor days are over!  Yes, I have always followed JB and as a man I can never make decisions. So, last minute it was!
Q. And Hollie, you were at the show by happenstance, right after having been featured in Flea Market Style magazine?
A. I have always followed Ki and knew it would be a great show. I had just moved to California and felt the need to continue establishing my relationships in the JB community.
Q. When did you decide you were perfect for each other? 
A. On the second day of Junk Bonanza! Hollie: I love his personality and his unique junk style. Scott: I love Hollie’s free spirit. She has a very sweet southern way about her. Plus, she loves old stuff.
Q. What is the most amazing thing about Charlie?
A. Scott: Charlie Mac came to me as a late-in-life blessing. She has such a beautiful light in her eye. She is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. I’m a boasting proud papa. Hollie: “Bird” is the most perfect baby, and I am blessed to have such a fun happy sweet daughter.
Q. How did you name her?
A. Scott: Hollie had another name but we agreed on Charlie. It is also my best friend’s! Hollie: I wanted to name her after my grandmother, Bobbie Jean, but neither Scott nor his family could wrap their heads around the name. They don’t understand southern things!


Q. Scott, I see on Instagram that you are still hitting the fleas. Has being a dad changed your schedule? 
 A. It’s a constant juggling act. But, Hollie helps balance everything. They come and hang out at most shows. (Scott curates goods for his spaces at Rose Bowl, Long Beach Antique Market, Melrose Trading Post and Pasadena City College Market.)

Q. Hollie, what are you working on outside the home?

A. I have had some amazing opportunities during my time in Cali. I work as a stylist assistant for Liz Strong. Scott and I have helped our friend Charlie Hunnam with some design direction for his new Hollywood Hills home. We also work closely with the 1933 group. Scott and I had the honor to find two beautiful 1930s Spanish revival murals and lighting for their latest project, Highland Park and Bowl. Our permanent space at Urban Americana keeps us constantly creative. And, of course, we are buyers throughout the week for Scott’s spaces!

Stop by the O’Brien Building at Del Mar Fairgrounds FEB 17-18 and say hi to Hollie, Scott and Charlie — they’re the Bonanza’s First Family of Junking!


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