@junkbonanza #sandiego is thrilled to share the news that vintage trailer company Tinker Tin, a JB Silver partner, will join us for the show FEB 17-18!

Tinker Tin‘s collection of more than 30 vintage bar, photo, vending and travel trailers are highly sought for film, production and fun events!


Owners Jaime and Carl Holm will bring photo booth and “bar car” trailers to our show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds! We love that we will have their vintage vibe on site! As Jaime notes, “Tinker Tin is our modern nomadic lifestyle for all the rambling’ hearts’.”

The pair are huge junk fans, and the fourth generation of families raised on California’s Central Coast. “When your family has been in one place for that long,” Jaime said, “old junk just accumulates. I think that might be in part why I fell in love with the simplicity and minimalism of the trailers!”

 Jaime said Tinker Tin was born after she lived in a trailer a few times when she was about 19.”I fell in love with the simplicity of trailer life, not needing many belongings  and instead creating memories,” she said.
Inner view of the photo trailer
“The combination of the old trailers, their unique history and preserving them, and my love of traveling and life on the road was something that I wanted to share with everyone. Thus, a few years later, right after Carl and I got hitched, we started Tinker Tin!”
 We’re excited for our Bonanza attendees to enjoy the photo booth trailer!
Your photos (free of charge!) will come out with four images to a strip, just as if they were produced at a traditional photo booth — but the surroundings will be a lot cooler!


Jaime and Carl are excited to meet our SoCal vendors and attendees and share tales of their favorite junk finds. Some of their best scores have been stowed away in cupboards of the trailers they find!

“We have found so many neat old postcards, maps and love letters that fell behind the little stoves in the trailers; a bunch of oddball and bizarre items, too,” Jaime said. “The junk we find always tells a story of that family and also the period and time and what was going on in the world!”

Until we meet in February, Happy Trails!


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