@junkbonanza #minneapolis welcomes Long Rifle Soap Company!
Amanda Brooker

Business name:

Long Rifle Soap Company

Live in/Business located:

Green Bay, WI (please don’t hold it against me Vikings fans!)


Your style in three words:

rugged, rustic, eclectic

On your junking bucket list:

1700s powderhorn with carvings made by its original owner and an authentic Kentucky long rifle for my husband.


You knew you were a junker when…

…30 years ago, my husband used to hum the Sanford & Son theme song to make fun of me. Now, he’s a bigger picker than I am!

Best all-time junking find:

beautiful aged meerschaum pipe with a hunting dog on it. Reminds me of our first dog together.


You wish you would never have parted with…

…my Grandmother’s milk glass.

Bringing to the Bonanza:

handcrafted soaps, shaving soaps, beard oils, mustache waxes, and balms. We use locally sourced organic tallow and all natural ingredients. Our scents run unisex/masculine with herby/spicy smells and I love them all.

You never junk without…

…my husband, my big car, and cash.


In your garage: cars or junk?


No one would ever guess you…

…coached high school boys lacrosse for a dozen years. I was a Top 10 coach most of those years, made the state semi-finals, and three of my players are Navy SEALS (true fact!).

Your junking holy grail:

Win the lottery and hit the flea markets on the East coast and in the WV/KY/TN area. We own three 130-year-old log cabins that will be turned into our house in the very near future and I’d love to fill it with authentic furniture and decor.


 Junking makes you feel…

…excited. I love discovering a special find and think about the history of the object and the people who used it!









It won’t be long now until Amanda and all of our amazing JB vendors will assemble their fabulous junk and artisan goods for you! Ki and the team can’t wait to see you! Have your Early Bird tickets yet?!



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